A representation agency
specialised in all the professional
phases of the footballer.

Easy and realistic transition from grassroots football to professional football is possible. We are a representation agency, but first and foremost a family, a source of support, there to lean on.

We look after the wellbeing of our footballers and stand with them throughout their sporting careers. We grow hand in hand with them and face, with them, the challenges they have to deal with throughout their career. We are a fundamental part of their daily life.

That is why we specialise in:

01Representation and advising

We vouch for harmony and equilibrium. We carefully gauge time dynamics and are adept at gleaning where our footballers need to be and when, placing their interests above everything else, so as to always be ahead of the game as we forge forward together in the future.

02Daily management of talent

We believe in bonding, closeness and trust. Not only do we represent the career of our clients in the offices, but also far from stadiums and the noise generated by the atmosphere around football. That’s why we’re all about being a family. We become a fundamental pillar of normal, day-to-day life and seek solutions to what crops up every day.

03Marketing and communication

We promote the footballer’s personal brand and optimise media exposure. We advise about the use of social media and manage them to create an attractive visual identity, efficient and competitive vis-à-vis brands and the public. We also channel links to the media and prepare players to face every scenario.       

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